1990 Hannoverian Gelding
by Weltmeyer

Jodie and Weltkaar
“‘Fieval’, as we call Weltkaar, is the biggest teddy bear in the barn. He is the largest horse we have, but by far one of the sweetest. He is extremely sensitive and gets easily rattled. Fieval is such a hard worker and Mr. Consistent.

Five came to me when I needed him the most. It was when Manhattan was trying to see how many horses he could be at once and Fieval was such a gift to come out and work the same every day. He carried me through the last years of my Young Rider's career.

In 2007 he took Lora Kay Witterstaeter, one of my students, to the USEF Dressage Festival of Champions in Gladstone and a fourth place finish.” - Jodie

Lora Kay Witterstaeter and Weltkaar
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