1993 Dutch Warmblood Gelding, 17.3H
by Bolivar


Jodie and Leiden

“Leiden was the first of our horses to be born at my house. His mother was my first dressage horse, Lolita.

I was 10 when he was born. I remember my mom getting me out of my classroom at school to come see him. I spent the whole day sitting in the stall with Leiden’s head in my lap and Lolita standing over the two of us. It was a bond that has proven to stay strong for 13 years, and counting.

Leiden has been the most dependable horse I have ever shown. I can honestly say he has never let me down in the show ring. He was showing PSG, but has been off due to injury. We hope to have Leiden back in the show ring soon.” - Jodie

Jodie and Leiden