Times Square

2000 Dutch Warmblood Stallion, 16.1H
by Juventus


Jodie and Times Square

“Times Square was also born at my house.  His mother, by Bustron, was imported pregnant with him.  Times Square was the color of a brand new shiny penny.  He was one of the most beautiful horses I have ever known, with his great color and four high white socks.

The nice thing is, his attitude toward life was as wonderful as his looks.  He was such a gentleman that I never felt the need to geld him.  If I was going to do this as my profession, I felt it was necessary for me to have experience handling and showing a stallion.

He presented the perfect opportunity and never made me sorry about my decision once.

Times Square

“For those of you who do not know, our beautiful Times Square succomed to his battle with multicentric lymphoma on December 23, 2009.  The cancer was diagnosed in 2008 based on tests finding multiple cutaneous tumors, lymphoma in his testicles and lymphoma in some lymph nodes as well.

He was a real trooper and fought his disease against all odds.  We did everything we could do to give him the best shot at beating his cancer.

So, my dear sweet boy is finally resting.  The first true rest he has had since March.  I will miss his cheerful face greeting me each day, but wouldn't give up one ounce of the pain his passing has caused me if it meant giving up one bit of the pleasure he brought to our family over the years.” - Jodie Kelly

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